Birthday Edition.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

HURRAH! Uni is officially out for summer. That's three and a bit months off. Extra cash in my pocket and the prospect of a long and glorious summer... wearing beautiful MIB clothing. And my birthday...

Oh wait. I've decided to save and buy a house, scrap that.

Now, it's been nearly a decade and a half since I last wrote a birthday list, but self-restraint is causing all sorts of shopping angst inside me. My likes are quickly turning to wants and on to needs. But I must save. So in light of the fact - and belief - that most of my readership is friends and family... I present to you the "Andrea Ava Happy 24th Birthday List", which is obviously for my birthday in just under a month, when I will turn 24. Scary.

Naturally everything on the list is Made in Britain. And fashion. Well duh!!

And if anyone else fancies gifting me any of it - who am I to deny you your kindness.



  1. A ByHand Elisalex Pattern, £12 - because even though I haven't even used my Charlotte pattern. One day I will and the next day (or three days after) I will want to make this dress.
  2. JUJU Jellies£25 - Yes, the shoe du jour but it's summer, they're MIB and Oh SO COOL.
  3. Eyelesh Sunnies by Tatty Devine, £125 - No, boy, you don't understand, they may look ridiculous but honestly, they're amazing, they're come in tortoise shell now AND I'll wear them all the time - "oh, you don't want to be with me when I wear them, oh?" Don't care I heart them! 
  4. Age of Reason Hanky Panky Pocket Square, £35 - I'm only after a small one - to wear in my hair and be all 50's and cool - and to wear with my awesome eyelash sunnies and lashing of red lippy. Not like I'm asking for this.. ahem.
  5. House of Hackney x Underground Creeper, £err not sure - Well they go with absolutely nothing, they're white and won't stay crisp for long and I've never got into this whole creeper trend. But I can't explain why I want them - I just do. Help.
  6. A Baia Rucksack, £150 - I love Baia bags but I'm torn the practical and totally wear with everything midi bag or the rucksack. I know what sense says but rocking up to a new term with this book bag - well who wouldn't want one? Should stick with midi.. I want both!
  7. Shirt, £192, Short £65 from Yolke - because ever since I saw this - it's been love. Gimme.
  8. Stella & Alf Shorts, £55 - I'm not sure how you'll buy them, but they tweeted me this picture and I think they're just dandy. I'd like to wear them with the tuxedo shirt please.
  9. Love Paisley Kimono£34 and matching Short, £28 - No, I'm not going to any festivals or the white isle - but that's not going to stop me looking like I am - even if I am on a beach in Essex.

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