Happy New Year

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year The Mibber readers!

I'm rather excited about this year. This is the year I will absolutely become a homeowner. I've been saving for our own space for what feels like an eternity with this year in our head, everyday, every purchase, every pence and pound thought about because twenty fifteen will be the year.

This year it happens.

My main aim for the year is to buy a house and create a home. But I worry I'll waste a year of my life, probably one of the defining ones, if I just write it off because of this imminent enormous purchase. And it seems silly and obvious to resolve to buy a house. (although it's a given and tops the list!)

In light of this I resolve to document this year. To create memories, regardless of my empty purse and obsession with dinner plates. I'm going to scrapbook it. Well sort of, the low maintenance kinda scrapbook. I'm going to take pictures... and develop them, collect all the small things to look back at all the things that makes this year more than the year we bought a house.

It's been difficult to justify the big investment clothing purchases which is why my Mibbing ways have stuck to sale purchases and high-street finds. I've lusted after House of Hackney prints knowing full well I could never bring myself to checkout. I want to buy less and choose well. So I think this year I'll create a clothing budget. I won't need to buy every month but I will budget every month, so that I can save up for the dreamy stuff; the statement items and not feel as though buying a house was all sacrifice. I'm here at the final hurdle and let's face it as soon as I've stopped saving 80% of my disposable income will go on clothes. LOLZ plz don't read this Mr Mibber!


  • I resolve to stop drinking GU drinking chocolate by the gallon every night, stop eating stollen and get back into my fitness routine, after a brief detour via a crazy month of pre-christmas retail work.
  • take much better care of my skin
  • attempt to wear more lipstick - just because I really like it and it intimidates me.
  • (buy every dinner plate I see and like, and go back for the ones I had to leave behind.)
  • stop feeling guilty for not being a regularly posting blogger, it's a hobby after all.

What are you resolving to do? Or are you against resolutions? 

Let me know what you plan to do with your 2015.

And make sure you have a wonderful year,

Andrea xx
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