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Friday, 31 October 2014

So here it is.

My first ever attempt at a YouTube Video.

Back in September I went to see my favourite swedish duo at the Royal Albert Hall. I though it was the perfect opportunity to venture into the land of YouTube.

I filmed it all on my iPhone so the quality is so-so. But considering I have never done anything like this before I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. And I've only just learnt how to edit videos!

I found filming a video FAR less cringe-inducing that taking photos. I'm not one of *those* bloggers. Although you can see the look of uncertainty and smirking throughout - but I think it was just the novelty and the awkwardness of trying something I've never done before.

Of course, everything I wore was Made in Britain. 

Let me know what you think. I hope this won't be last video.


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Andrea xx

Mix 'n' Match Halloween

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Doesn't Halloween seem like a proper thing this year? When did this happen? So I'm jumping on the bandwagon Mibber style! So if you're feeling a bit spooky or just in the mood to embrace the darker side here are some outfit inspo made in Britain! From the out there to the subtle nod. Or a bit of both.

Playsuit, InLoveWithFashion; Black Dress, Cabba; Tiger Dress, House of Hackney.
Star Tights, Pretty Polly; Neon Tights, Marks and Spencer; Animal Tights, Pretty Polly.

Heels, Yull; Boots, Dr Martens; Jellies, JuJu Jellies. 

Veil, Rock N Rose; DIY Cat Ears, ElleUK; Witches Hat, Crown and Glory; Skull & Bones Clips, Crown and Glory.

Tooth, Bloody Mary Metal; Custom Name Necklace, Tatty Devine; Anatomical Heart, Strange Fruit at Wolf and Badger; Sugar Skull, Tatty Devine; Pentacle Necklace, Bloody Mary Metal.

Crossbone Ring, Bloody Mary Metal; Spells Tee, The Orphans Arms; The Heebie-Jeebies, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies; Handmade Mask, Masque Boutique; Leggings, Mona Swims.

Happy Halloween

Andrea X


Monday, 20 October 2014

The Leather Trousers, Jaeger; Stole, Helen Moore; Coat, Gloverall; Trainers, Neon Footwear; Jumper, & Daughter; Bag, Mulberry.

I've been dreaming of MIB outfits again. (twice in one week, I spoil you, I know!)

When I saw the new style Gloverall coat on Thoroughly British last week. I was smitten. Then to discover it came in Burgundy... how could it not make an appearance on The Mibber?

Of course you know my love of Helen Moore and this season faux is errrrywhere. This fun colour way takes this minimalist outfit closer to the realms of Prada and Unique at a snip of the price.

The leather trousers, are surprisingly enough from Jaeger. And yes, MIB. Skinny leathers are a style staple. And super versatile.

As seen in ELLE, everyones favourite knitter du jour, & Daughter, actually manufacture in Scotland. And their super luxe knits can layer keeping you warm and sophisticated without the Michelin man resemblance.

How did I manage to go all this time without shouting about the Mulberry X Cara Delevingne collection which is proudly stamped 'Made In England'. This mini is super versatile (and should be for the price) wear in the crook of your arm, alter the strap to wear on your shoulder or as a backpack.

Finally, Neon Footwear, I've loved the simplicity of these trainers for quite sometime and they're ready for release. Become an early adopter of these super comfy and stylish trainers and get over £50 off the RRP by pledging to help "Kickstart" their manufacture. They have just over three days to hit their target. Find out more about Neon Footwear or pledge here.

Have a lovely Monday. What are you wearing today?

Andrea x


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Top, Yolke; Skirt, Stella + Alf; bag, Rianna Phillips; Shoes, Ronnie Northampton.

I told you I was back!

I bet you almost didn't believe me. I put together something of the things I have been coveting recently for todays OOTD. 

I often rave about Stella + Alf, and of course love their Twenty collection. But having a gander at their AW14 main line and there are some beautiful pieces. I adore this mohair skirt. A simple shape, a beautiful fabric, a stunning outcome. 

Yolke are masters of silk. This Art Shirt is perfect addition to an AW wardrobe. The slightly higher neck line; the long sleeves and loose shape and of course those pockets. 

This isn't the first appearance of Rianna Phillips on The Mibber, it probably won't be the last. I love the practicality of the shape of this bag. ASHISH and Margiela have both used the trusty carrier bag for inspiration and Rianna has elevated this with her classic use of abstract prints. 

The final shout out goes to Ronnie Northampton, a brand discovered on trusty Instagram. Although this is a graduate collection, I hold high hopes for this young designer. My idea of heaven, heritage and fashion. Taking the classic shape of goodyear welted and adding those small touches of hardwear laces and laser cut detailing really is a game changer.  Nice to see young blood and innovation in such a traditional game. 

Have a great Thursday! What are you wearing today?

Andrea x


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dear readers of the Mibber,


Ohhh It's been a while. I have neglected The Mibber. I have been a bad blogger. Sorry.

In the hazy sunshine of the dying summer I had so many ideas and posts planned for A/W. But then actual life got in the way and it has been far too long since I last posted that I looked at my notebook and struggled to pull together anything vaguely cohesive to post about. Missed follow-ups and leads, no clothes bought (yes, really), and nothing worthy of sharing (on this domain anyway).

I did however have a cracking September and lots of exciting life stuff happened that wasn't to do with shopping for fashion made in Britain and probably isn't very exciting at all to you.

I was even more gutted I couldn't attend Best of Britannia. Which I had planned to, but alas, that normal life just had to bust in and ruin it.

Essentially, I've now returned to a routine and I am able to function once again. Therefore I'm BACK. Until the next thing happens. LOL.

The Mibber, and I feel terrible for apologising, really is just a hobby and a place to document my weird shopping habits and desires. I of course love to share everything I find and share designers and emerging brands doing wonderful Mibbing. But sometimes, I think, I'm not just a faceless website, I am a person, and I do the majority of the time when I look down, wear a British-made something. I probably can create more content from this than I give credit.


This is leading up to a recent blog-worthy trip, when I recently went to see First Aid Kit at the Royal Albert Hall, I consciously made the decision to wear everything made in Britain (see above!). And instead of photographing this (apart from the above). I filmed it. I have edited the footage together and will be in the next couple of weeks sharing this. Once I'm back in my blogging groove. Exciting! You can subscribe to me on YouTube here.

I have also (because, I think it's important to separate my personal and Mibber life so that there is relevant content thrown at both) created an Instagram account for the Mibber where I will be sharing OOTD's and instant buys and fitting room conundrums and other stuff which I think you'll find interesting but my amigos and family probably won't. You can follow my new Instagram account here!

In summary, I'll occasionally upload to YouTube, probably upload to Instagram often and be a better blogger. And I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. I also love parenthesis.

Lots of Love,

Andrea x

p.s. glad to see everything has been ticking over OK.

pp.s. And YAY Scotland, I love your beautiful country.

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